How are advisors selected?
What are the advisors’ credentials?
What are the costs?
How are the sessions structured?
Can I have a advisor come “as needed”?
Do you work with students who have learning disabilities or difficulties?
Where do the sessions take place?
Do advisors work on weekends?
What if the advisor doesn’t seem like the right match?
Is there a cancellation policy?
What is Empire Edge’s confidentiality policy?
Will Empire Edge collaborate with the school, if need be?
What is Empire Edge’s commitment to academic integrity?

Q. How are advisors selected?
A. One of our senior advisors meets with each student and his or her parents at their home.This initial session identifies goals, expectations, and current academic status. The student is then carefully matched with an advisor (tutor) based on subject, learning style, and personality.


Q. What are the advisors’ credentials?
A. Each of our extremely select advisors is chosen because of expertise in a specific subject area and his or her ability to establish a solid working rapport with the student. Our advisors offer a young and energetic perspective and provide the opportunity for students to see the real-world relevance of difficult and complex concepts.


Q. What are the costs?
A. We have two hourly rates for our services: academic advising and standardized test advising. The minimum session length is one hour and is billed pro rata at fifteen minute increments thereafter. Contact Empire Edge today for more information.


Q. How are the sessions structured?
A. Academic sessions are most frequently one hour per subject, twice a week. Standardized test sessions are generally an hour and a half per subject, once a week. While these are the most common arrangements, Empire Edge will modify session frequency and length to accommodate student need. A true dialogue develops between advisor and student wherein trust and compatibility reinforce the teaching of both basic and advanced skills. Problems are analyzed and explained thoroughly, areas that require additional practice are identified, and follow-up exercises are provided. Additionally, expert guidance in study habits, homework preparation, and general organizational skills are essential components of our program.


Q. Can I have a advisor come “as needed”?
A. While we do provide advisors “as needed”, we strongly recommend scheduling weekly sessions. Regular studying, organization, and reinforcement have proven most effective in achieving the desired results.

Our advisors always try to accommodate last minute requests, although it is best if parents and students anticipate an “as needed” session many days in advance to increase the probability of booking the requested time and advisor. It is Empire Edge’s policy to honor regularly scheduled sessions before those on an “as needed” basis.


Q. Do you work with students who have learning disabilities or difficulties?
A. Empire Edge has had much success with students who have varying learning difficulties and disabilities. These include dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, dyscalculia, and others. Empire Edge can work with a family’s learning specialist or psychiatrist to determine strategies and techniques that work best for each individual student. We are determined to help each student find his or her own way to a solid comprehension of even the most difficult concepts.


Q. Where do the sessions take place?
A. Most frequently, sessions take place in the students’ homes. We ask that parents provide an open space with ample light such as a dining room or kitchen table. Such a setting gives advisors and students room to spread out and have multiple books and binders open at once. It also allows parents to listen to the session periodically, although we recommend that they keep noise and interruptions to a minimum.

In the event that a student lives outside of New York City or that a student wants to meet during a free period, Empire Edge can arrange sessions at a public library or quiet coffee house. Some schools allow tutors to meet students on school grounds.


Q .Do advisors work on weekends?
A. Most advisors are available all weekend. Sessions are most frequently scheduled Sunday through Thursday. For standardized test preparation, Empire Edge strongly recommends at least one session per week be scheduled on Sunday. In this way, we are able to minimize conflict with weekly academic commitments and responsibilities.


Q. What if the advisor doesn’t seem like the right match?
A. Each advisor is qualified to provide assistance in a given course. If a good rapport does not seem to exist after the first session and a new advisor is assigned, the initial session will be credited. Please note that each advisor uses techniques for accommodating different learning styles. A strong advisor/student relationship often takes several sessions to develop fully.


Q. Is there a cancellation policy?
A. We ask that you give your advisor a 24-hour minimum notice of cancellation to avoid a 50% charge of the scheduled session length. If the advisor is not immediately reachable, please call the office to cancel. Sessions cancelled within 2 hours of the scheduled appointment are billed at the full rate.


Q. What is Empire Edge’s confidentiality policy?
A. Empire Edge is committed to your comfort and privacy. Advisors are strictly prohibited from mentioning names of students to anyone,including both personal and professional acquaintances. There is no communication with teachers, administrators, or other students unless explicitly requested by the parent or student.


Q. Will Empire Edge collaborate with the school, if need be?
A. As needed, we will confer with guidance counselors and classroom teachers to collaboratively devise ways to improve a student’s performance and reach his or her personal goals. We maintain that education is a team effort and is most efficient when all lines of communication are open. Nonetheless, advisors will not speak about the student with anyone unless given explicit instructions to do so by the student or parent.


Q. What is Empire Edge’s commitment to academic integrity?
A. Academic integrity means responsibility, honesty, and professionalism in scholarship. Empire Edge takes this commitment seriously. Advisors will not write anything on a student’s behalf, nor may they provide direct help on any assignments that a teacher has asked a student to complete alone. Advisors are also not allowed to work with students on take-home tests and quizzes. Empire Edge aims to help explain, clarify, and enrich a student’s scholastic experience. Empire Edge vows that no unfair advantage will be given to any of its students.